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Salix Solutions is a licensed BLUE® stormwater mitigation consultant, offering evaluations and certifications for residential, commercial, and institutional properties.

Available for green stormwater infrastructure design and landscape planning.


Upcoming Event: Threats to Water Quality in Vermont
What you need to know, and how to become part of the solution

Come join our friends and neighbors for a presentation about water quality in Vermont, how land stewardship is a critical step to watershed rehabilitation, and how you can take action on your property and beyond to become part of the solution.

What is BLUE®?

It is much less expensive and easier to prevent polluted waters than clean them up.

BLUE® is an innovative program that certifies homes, businesses and institutions as watershed friendly. Evaluators educate and collaborate with property owners to identify opportunities for stormwater mitigation, affect behavioral changes, and establish stewardship principles to protect our waters from harmful algae blooms. 

Date: November 13th Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Where: Dianne Shullenberger Gallery
228 Nashville Rd, Jericho VT
Presented by: Juliana Dixon, Consultant, BLUE
Please RSVP to: 899-4993 or email

What Is Green Stormwater Infrastructure?

Green Stormwater Infrastructure utilizes infiltration, evapotranspiration, redirection, storage and reuse - to reduce combined sewage overflows and water quality impacts of the built environment.

GSI installations can include rain gardens, berms, swales, drywells, permeable paving, infiltration systems, water bars/trenches, gutter systems, rain barrels and more.

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Not all properties are easy - we work within the parameters available to find best-fit solutions so you can lighten your impact to Lake Champlain


The primary source of water pollution in Vermont is stormwater. Take action today to protect our ecology, economy, recreation, and heritage.

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