Bring on the storm!


Juliana Dixon Owner, Consultant

Juliana Dixon has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, and a master’s degree in Agricultural Development. She has been involved with the Klamath River conflict in Northern California and studied permaculture in Yorkshire, England. Juliana was an invited speaker at the Climate Change and Sustainable Solutions conference in Brussels and offered a natural resource management presentation at Tropentag Germany. Now working on stormwater mitigation in Vermont, Juliana is enjoying empowering citizens to make the changes they want to see in their watersheds.

▪ Natural Shoreland Erosion Control Certificate, 2017
▪ Invited to join U.S. delegation to Cuba, agro-ecology, 2017
▪ Elected President, Erasmus Mundus Association, 2016
▪ Invited Speaker, Innovation in­­ Education Conference, 2013
▪ Elected Global Representative, Agris Mundus Association, 2012

Jericho, VT


Heather deManbey Marketing and Design

Heather recently completed a master’s degree in Urban Planning from McGill University. Prior to attending McGill, she studied landscape architecture at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and received an undergraduate degree in marketing and economics from Bentley University. Prior to attending McGill, Heather held positions at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard Graduate School of Design where she traveled internationally for various events and conferences including the Innovative City Forum in Tokyo, Japan and ReThink Food Conference in California, US.

Montpelier, VT


Nisha Nadkarni ▪ Stormwater Mitigation Assistant

Nisha Nadkarni is currently a junior at the University of Vermont studying environmental science and geospatial technologies. She recently conducted research on nutrient limitation and its impacts on harmful algal blooms in Vermont lakes. Nisha wants to expand her pursuits in water quality by learning more about the adoption of green design principles in stormwater mitigation strategies and helping to make environmental stewardship accessible for all within Vermont's urban and rural communities.


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